The Moment of Long Now

The Moment of Long Now is an alternative news tv channel. The channel is showing short snippets of news footage with a pace that is a hundred times slower than what we are used to. A piece of custom made software magnifies and manipulates the images in real-time, creating an illusion of a virtual camera which is able function and move around within a still moment.

The name of the project was inspired by the Long Now Foundation, an organisation with a goal "to promote 'slower/better' thinking and to foster creativity in the framework of the next 10,000 years."

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Concept and programming: Juha Huuskonen
Sound: Tuomas Toivonen

The production of The Moment of Long Now has been supported by NONTV TVSTATION, AVEK and Arts Council of Finland.

The Moment of Long Now exhibition history

The original version of The Moment of Long Now was created for NONTV TVSTATION. The project was running non-stop for a duration of one month as an on-line video stream and on video screens at museums in Finland and Sweden.

The Moment of Long Now has been shown as a video installation at

- ambient.lounge / ICC Connecting Worlds, Tokyo, Japan (Sept 2006)
- Satellite of Love / Rotterdam Film Festival, Netherlands (Feb 2006)
- Restaurant VIA, Helsinki, Finland (March 2004)
- Time in Design, Eindhoven, Netherlands (October 2003)
- Société des Arts Technologiques, Montreal, Canada (June 2003)
- SELFWARE Manipulated Identities exhibition, Graz, Austria (May 2003)
- Gershwin Hotel Gallery, NYC, US (May 2003)
- Future News exhibition, Gallery 101, Ottawa, Canada (April 2003)
- Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art (June-July 2002)
- County Museums of Gävle, Härnösand and Luleå (June-July 2002)

An 8 minutes long video excerpt from The Moment of Long Now has been screened at

- Kansk International Film Festival in Siberia (August 2002)
- Eartours event at CCA in Glasgow (July 2002)
- Ruutikellari event in Suomenlinna, Helsinki (November 2002)

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