Music Visualization Camp
Sibelius Academy Centre for Music and Technology
NIFCA project space, Suomenlinna May 7-10

The goal of the camp is to explore different tools and methods for visualizing music and to create a new interpretation of the classic multimedia piece Poem Electronique by composer Edgard Varese and architect Le Corbusier, premiered at Brussels World's Fair 1958. The new version will be shown at the opening ceremony of Sibelius Academy autumn semester in September at Temppeliaukio Church.

Some examples of the original music score and visual material (you can find the original music piece from

Workshop was held at the project space of NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art in Suomenlinna. Shinji Kanki from Sibelius Academy came up with the course concept, the tutor of the course was Juha Huuskonen with visiting lecturers vj Micko and pink twins (FrameStein software).

arriving on the island

happy mac!

outside nifca

Links to visualization tools - FrameStein - pure data
arkaos - resolume - NATO